Interaction 19
4-10 February 2019
Seattle, WA
United States

Community dinners

Let’s talk, let’s eat!

Wednesday, 7 Feb at 20:30

Lyon is rightly seen as a gastronomic capital of the world, with a history of serving some of the finest food in France. From the famous “bouchons” to the Michelin starred chefs of the city, let’s discover together this culinary excellence.

You can join us for a community dinner for 8 groups of diners at 8 different restaurants in town on Wednesday, 7 Feb at 20:30. We have handpicked a variety of restaurants, from ones that we love to go to with friends everyday to famous and well-known places. As space is limited, each group can only take up to 6 attendees. Every group will be led by one local host and also include one special guest — e.g. a prominent influencer or leader in our field.

We expect tickets to sell out fast, so don’t think too much and join us!

Before you see the menu, things to know

How can I book a restaurant?

To book a restaurant, go to this page and complete the form.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you are sick or something happens and you need to cancel the reservation, please call or send a mail to the local organizer. Every detail will be sent to you in the confirmation mail.

Vegetarian or diverse food requirements

Unfortunately, vegetarian menus are not common in France and we need to ask the chef for it. Most of the time, there’s no problem. If you are vegetarian let us know on booking. You can also check the list of restaurants and their websites. If you have special food requirements (lactose free, gluten free, etc), please contact us before booking at mathias.duret[a], and we’ll ask the restaurant for you.

How do I pay the restaurant?

Each attendee will pay for what they eat and drink. If you choose to order a bottle of wine or share your meal, please, make sure everyone at the table is fine to share the bill.

Will I know people at the table?

For each restaurant, there are 8 guests including 1 IxDA local leader and 1 special guest. The list of the attendees will be sent to you on the morning of your dinner.


We’ve selected the best places for you, from classic food to the best in nouvelle cuisine. Most restaurants are situated in the Presqu’île quartier with it’s many fine pubs and bars, perfect for drinks before or after dining. Be mindful of the range of prices, which range from 25€ to 100€ (not including drinks) and not all restaurants have vegetarian options. Take a look to their website!


Typical food from Lyon “Bouchon Lyonnais”: in the nineteenth century, the cooks of the bourgeoisie, nicknamed “les mères lyonnaises”, leave their homes to start their own businesses and give birth to culinary traditions that you will enjoy!

Café Comptoir Abel

25€ - 45€

Polished floors, shimmering woodwork, French ceilings, vast mirrors, paintings and objects found here and there by the masters of successive places… At Abel, time stops when tasting the real homemade pike quenelle, famous chicken morels or a delicious gratin crayfish.

  • Vegetarian: yes, but by request.
  • Special guest : Dave Malouf



Le Garet

25€ - 45€

A real institution well known to lovers of Lyon cuisine: veal head, “tripes”, “quenelles” or “andouillettes” are tasted in a friendly atmosphere in an exemplary setting of the genre.

  • Vegetarian: no.
  • Special guest : Brenda Laurel




New french cuisine: Lyon has one of the largest concentrations of restaurants per capita in France and defends a cuisine of simplicity and quality where many young chefs make us discover new tastes!

Le prairial

60€ - 90€

Prairial is a team of enthusiasts serving demanding gourmet. The chef, Gaëtan Gentil, has made his way to the biggest names in French cuisine like Jean-François Piège, Yannick Alleno or Emmanuel Renaut. A sensory and taste experience not to be missed.

  • Vegetarian: yes, on the menu
  • Special guest : Alan Cooper



Monsieur P

50€ - 60€

Chef Florent Poulard offers authentic and innovative cuisine,with the respect and tradition of classic French gastronomy. Vegetables take a dominant place and are rigorously selected from local producers. The meat and fish are regularly prepared in whole pieces and can be proposed to all the guests of the table.

  • Vegetarian: yes, on the menu
  • Special guest : Louis Rosenfeld




Famous places from Lyon: : we have chosen two of the great Lyonnais institutions, one holds the world record for the biggest sauerkraut and the other was set up by “cook of the century”, Mr. Paul Bocuse.

Brasserie Bocuse “Le Nord”

20€ - 50€

Located between the Rhône and Saône rivers, Le Nord was the first brasserie opened in Lyon by famed chef Paul Bocuse in 1994. In the heart of the Presqu’île, Le Nord revisits the great classics of traditional Lyonnaise cuisine in a warm decor that has kept all its authenticity dating from the 1900s.

  • Vegetarian: yes, but by request.
  • Special guest : Khoi Vinh



Brasserie Georges

25€ - 50€

La Brasserie Georges has been a Lyon landmark since its opening in 1836. Many celebrities have eaten here, including Paul Verlaine, Jules Verne, the Lumière brothers, Edouard Herriot, Mistinguett, Leon Blum, Emile Zola, Rodin… The generous Alsatian sauerkraut, the draft beers brewed on the spot and the period ambiance are the hallmark of the establishment.

  • Vegetarian: yes, on the menu
  • Special guest : Gillian Crampton Smith




Home Cooking: in a real “café” atmosphere,with friendly waiters and homely food, just like mom used to make.

Café Terroir

25€ - 45€

The Café Terroir is a unique rotisserie bistro that offers a selection of local products unearthed in the four corners of the Rhône-Alpes region. For this, the Café has chosen to work with producers and winemakers concerned about the well-being of their land.

  • Vegetarian: no
  • Special guest : Cheryl Platz



Café du Rhône

30€ - 60€

This very beautiful café,a recognised heritage site, was taken over by a team of three young chefs. These three passionate cooks offer a short circuit catering composed of products from the region or even the market just opposite, produced by small producers in organic farming or reasoned. A modern kitchen, which respects seasonal products selected by the chef for their taste.

  • Vegetarian: yes, but by request.
  • Special guest : Boon Chew




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