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Fun facts about Lyon

We selected a few interesting stories about the city and the people of Lyon.

Lugdunum, Lyon ancestral name

Lyon (Lugdunum) was the capital of Gaule (France) for more than 300 years
Two Roman emperors were born here. Signs of the Roman presence can still be found throughout the city, including the Amphitheatre of Fourvière.

Lumière brothers - Lyon

In 1895, the Lumière brothers invented film-making in Lyon
The very premises where they shot their first films are still up and running and can be visited.

Lyon Tete d'or park, lung of the city

The Parc de la Tête d’Or was created the same year as Central Park in NYC
The “Lung of Lyon” hosts one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world with 16,000 species of plants, a roseraie, a lake, and an open zoo.

La mere Brasier, famous cook

Three of the first 3-stars Michelin restaurants were less than 30 min away from Lyon
During the first edition of the Michelin restaurant guide delivering awards, 3 stars were given to 5 restaurants. Among them, 3 were female chefs living in Lyon or less than 30 km away from Lyon.

Unesco World Heritage

Lyon is part of the UNESCO’s World Heritage
More than 5 km² of land is protected by UNESCO, over 4 different sites, from 4 complete different periods: The Gallo-Roman age, Renaissance age, Industrial age and the XIXe century. Those 4 sites are all close together.

Saint Exupery

The Petit Prince’s father, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is born in Lyon
This book is the 4th most translated book in the World. This illustration, as well as all the others in the original book, was drawn by Saint-Exupéry himself.

Lyon's traboules

You can dive into the past by walking through the Traboules
Traboules are typical and odd lyonnaise hidden streets perpendicular to its main old streets. Silk workers used them to bypass the main roads to reach the fabric merchant places. Some are easy to find and walk, some aren’t!

Paul Bocuse, famous French cook is from Lyon

Lyon hosts the restaurant that has been among the best over the longest period of time
The famous French chef Paul Bocuse settled his restaurant in Lyon. He has kept his 3 stars in the Michelin guide for now over 51 years, making his restaurant the oldest best restaurant.

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