Interaction 19
4-10 February 2019
Seattle, WA
United States

A pattern library for teamwork

talk – 35 min | Feb 7 – 15:25

Hacking destructive collaboration patterns at work

As designers, we observe users’ behavioural patterns in order to identify problems and needs and eventually improve the experience. But just like the proverbial shoemaker’s kids often go barefoot, we tend to apply the tools of our trade to others while ignoring their relevance to our own work experience.

Why is it relevant to observe behavioural patterns at work? Because satisfaction in the workplace depends on the people we collaborate with as much as it depends on our tasks. Fraught interactions with others can feel more exhausting than long hours - and they often impact the quality of products and services, which is even more frustrating.

This talk outlines common dysfunctional collaboration patterns and their pitfalls. Since framing a problem is already half of the solution, it will also offer impulses how teams and individuals can hack their way out of a destructive team dynamic. We already hold the tools in our hands.

About the speaker

Hertje Brodersen

Hertje Brodersen

Hertje is a freelance Experience Strategist based in Berlin. She works with agencies and companies, planning and creating experiences with a lasting impact. She has a background in literary sciences and cultural anthropology. Not the typical start for a career in UX, but it helped shape a creative and analytical mind that likes complex problems - and people.

Hertje is convinced that products and services can only be as strong as the glue that connects the people who make them a reality. That’s why she doesn’t just develop concepts and strategies, but tries to help everyone work a little better. She is observer, sparring partner, agony aunt, cool head, encourager and, when all else fails, baker.


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