Interaction 19
4-10 February 2019
Seattle, WA
United States

How design can make engineering better

talk – 7 min | Feb 8 – 12:45

Software engineering is often so siloed from design - such a shame. Design can help make you a better coder.

As a software engineer who is slowly starting to shift over to the world of UX design, I really want people to understand some of the reasons it is hard for us software people to think like designers. If someone took the time to teach us what design really is and how it ties in to what we do, we might be more willing to give it a shot. The way we approach problems is different, for example, but we can actually apply design thinking even with our current mindset.

About the speaker

Maria Eguiluz

Maria Eguiluz

I am currently a UX Design Technologist at GE Digital. This position is perfect for me because I love being interdisciplinary. I started in Biology and ended up working as a software engineer then somehow found myself in the wonderful world that is UX design.


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