Interaction 19
4-10 February 2019
Seattle, WA
United States

Humanity-centered design

talk – 35 min | Feb 8 – 15:40

Humanity-centered design: How can AI disrupt and augment the design process

AI is coming to get us. Everyone knows that. The singularity is right around the corner, alongside with the moment we will all lose our jobs and live in unethical, unimaginable apocalypse. The good news is that until then designers and AI can have fun together. I’ll talk about the ways that designers could harness the power of AI through the different phases of the design process and how together we can create wonderful new products and services.

About the speaker

Ruth Kikin-Gil

Ruth Kikin-Gil

I’m a design strategist, digital product designer, and a practical dreamer that focuses on product innovation across devices, input methods and platforms. I spent the last nine years in Microsoft working in an innovation lab, on a strategy team, and now on future experiences in Office. In addition, I lecture at the HCDE department in the University of Washington, Seattle. Before Microsoft I co-founded a digital product design agency in Tel-Aviv, was the corporate art director of a startup, worked for Nokia in Helsinki, freelanced in London, and earned my Interaction Design Master degree from IDII in Italy. I’m interested in the interplay between society and technology, and the ways in which people appropriate technology in unexpected ways. I explore how existing social interactions and behaviors can be supported or transformed by technology and influence the creation of new products and services.


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