Interaction 19
4-10 February 2019
Seattle, WA
United States

You're not a designer, you're a coach

talk – 15 min | Feb 7 – 11:00

Multidisciplinary team members are all using the tools of design means you aren’t just a designer, you’ve got to be a great coach too!

As the tools we use every day as a designer are being democratised and made more accessible through Design Thinking, our roles as Designers are changing to include an unexpected soft skill, Design Coaching. The diversity of the teams we bring to our challenges frames the solutions we come up with but not everyone knows how to best utilise our wonderful box of Design tools and techniques to their best advantage. This talk includes practical ways to coach your colleagues and stakeholders to be effective when they pick up design tools and get great outcomes.

It also includes way to reorientate your own perception of your role as a designer so you can stay relevant and contribute positively in this rapidly changing world. By sharing our expertise with those trying to use the tools of design to solve problems, we lift everyone up.

This talk directly addresses the conference theme of dissolving boundaries and building connections.

About the speaker

Katja Forbes

Katja Forbes

I am the founder of syfte, a specialist in research & experience design, an educator in Design Thinking and Interaction Design at University of Sydney, listed in 100 Women of Influence 2016, and co-founding member & Local Leader of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) Sydney Chapter.

I holds a BA Communications (broadcast journalism) a Master of Multimedia Design and a Master of science (Human Centred Systems). I have been working in digital media since the mid 1990’s back when everyone had blue hair and rode razor scooters around the office. Such a long tenure in the industry has afforded me with invaluable experience and perspective which I love to share.

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