Interaction 19
4-10 February 2019
Seattle, WA
United States

Holistic Service Design in Aviation

Sponsored workshop – Half day (4h) | Feb 5 – 14:00

Gain insights on how to apply service design principles in a complex industry, where multiple actors meet in the physical and digital world.

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The customer journey. Such a trivial concept when making the physical journey. But when the services are scattered and crowded with different actors, and businesses, during each and every touchpoint of the way, how do you actually utilise the insights you gain from mapping the steps of a customer? When in an environment where you have limited control of the events occuring to your customer, how do you create a holistic user experience?

This, and other insights from service design in the aviation industry, will be discussed in the workshop lead by Reaktor’s senior designers, who are experienced in creating outstanding digital services for airlines. As a participant of the workshop, you’ll also part-take in hands-on exercises, where you’ll learn to take a holistic view on the user experience over a set of services.


  • Understanding holistic service design - when physical and digital go hand-in-hand
  • How the digital can, and cannot, transform the aviation industry
  • Putting the customer first - applying service design principles to the aviation industry
  • Practical examples from services created by Reaktor

Target audience

  • Anyone who’s practicing design, or creating digital products that solve real-life problems in the physical world
  • Designers who want to see, and share, perspectives in applying service design principles in aviation
  • Anyone who’s interested in tackling complex problems in a complicated industry

Hosted by:

Mikko Kaipio
Design Lead

Aapo Kojo
Product Designer

About the speakers

Mikko Kaipio

Design Lead
Mikko has over 10 years of experience in service design from various industries. He naturally combines his business expertise into design thinking. At Reaktor, Mikko works as design lead, helping his clients build their brand, digital products and services, and world-class customer experiences. In his personal time Mikko is currently building a 1930 Ford A-model Hot Rod.

Aapo Kojo

Product Designer

Aapo is an experienced product designer, and at Reaktor he has been delivering digital products for smaller ventures, as well as global corporations. His recent work includes creating the award-winning, and globally recognised, mobile application, and in-flight experiences for Finnair. Aapo loves electronic music and black and white photography, and has been building his own music/photography studio. Since 2015 he has already earned 13$ from his work!

Arto Eskelinen, Coach

Arto is a highly experienced consultant with +25 years of expertise in the tech industry, ranging from product development to organisational development. Having strong skills in transforming the way companies make digital products, Arto has a deep understanding of leadership in modern organisations, customer-driven organisation planning, change management, agile methods, lean, systems thinking and coaching. When not transforming organisations, Arto entertains audiences as a singer in a rock’n’roll band.

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